Cough Syrup as Useless on Adults as It Is on Kids

Thieves LozengesI had chronic soar throats and coughs I had as a kid. In high school I got on a kick of eating peppermint candy to cool my dragon throat. A decade later it finally dawned on me that the candy’s high sugar content had prolonged the agony. This Science Daily article notes that cough syrup is probably useless for reducing the time a cough lasts. But it says nothing about the probable negative impact to overall health of popular chemical-laden cough syrups and cough drops.

They may not prolong the agony, but they certainly don’t contribute to overall better health. In contrast Young Living makes a variety of health-enhancing products that serve as wonderful substitutes for over-the-counter medi-candy. I challenge the doctors doing these studies to think outside-the-shelf for once and do some research on worthwhile products. Until then, early adopters are providing abundant anecdotal evidence by falling in love with Thieves Lozenges after nothing else worked.

Another cough and soar throat remedy I love is to add and few drops of Young Living’s Exodus II or Thieves to a teaspoon of Agave and swallowing it down. Now THAT’S a REAL cough syrup!

And for those accustomed to popping pills, it’s hard to imagine a more powerful natural cough remedy than Inner Defense—Thieves, oregano, thyme and citronella oils in a convenient gel cap.

One comment on “Cough Syrup as Useless on Adults as It Is on Kids
  1. I would usually have a chronic cough once or twice a year lasting for several weeks. Nothing over the counter would help for long and I didn’t like how cough drops and syrups would make me feel after awhile. Now, since using Young Living products, I rarely get chronic coughs, but if I do I take a teaspoon of agave and add 3 drops of lemon and one drop of Thieves internally. I also take the Inner Defense. And I am over the cough in no time.

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